The Frontside Podcast

The Frontside Podcast

It's like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.

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    59: Build Useless Stuff

    A Frontsider's-only episode on why it's good to build useless stuff for creativity, accomplishment, and learning purposes.

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    57: Demystifying Software with Liz Baillie

    In this episode, we talk to Liz Baillie, of Tilde Inc., about demystifying software: understanding programming, coming to peace with ignorance, math and programming, and getting involved in Open Source.

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    53: Glimmer 2 with Godfrey Chan

    In this episode, we talk to Godfrey Chan about Glimmer 2: the challenges faced and what it will bring in the future.

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