Frontside Podcast

Frontside Podcast

It's like hanging out at The Frontside software studio, crammed into a half hour with co-hosts Charles Lowell and Brandon Hays. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it.

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    41: The Technical Skills of a Senior Dev

    Recently, there was a flurry of activity around one of Brandon's posts about defining the term "senior developer". But he left the purely technical aspects of the role for later discussion, which left a lot of lingering questions.

    In this episode, Charles and Brandon dive into the technical side of identifying, hiring, and growing senior developers, and explain The Frontside's somewhat unconventional standards.

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    40: How We're Refactoring Our Business

    After a "perfect storm" of events rocked The Frontside, Charles and Brandon were faced with the prospect of what kind of future they saw, if any, for the business.

    In this episode, Brandon and Charles discuss what happened and why, what they are doing to avoid another "perfect storm", and how finding mentors and friends at OpsConf completely changed how they think about running The Frontside.

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    39: How to Integrate Jr. Developers Into Your Company

    There's a huge shortage of senior developers, and one (often overlooked) way to fill those positions is by training up some junior developers. But how do you mentor junior devs when you have so much work to do? How can you make sure that your new hires get the support they need?

    This week, Charles Lowell is joined by Stephanie Riera, Lydia Guarino, and Alex Ford to talk about the challenges companies face when hiring junior devs, what steps you can take to make sure the on-boarding and training process goes smoothly, and how keep new developers productive and frustration-free.

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    37: Ember CLI Mirage with Sam Selikoff

    This week, we talk with Sam Selikoff, the mastermind behind Ember CLI Mirage.

    He shares how he got started with programming, some tips for avoiding burnout, why he created CLI Mirage, some tips for using it, why it's important to write great documentation, and more.

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    36: Composable UI with Trek Glowacki

    This week we have Trek Glowacki (@trek) back to talk about the challenges of choosing frameworks, building reusable components, and why “thought leader driven development” (TLDD) might actually be the right way to go.

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    35: How We Hire

    Brandon and Charles discuss their slightly unusual approach to hiring, why they focus on creating success for their candidates, the hidden value of mentoring, the vision that led them to start The Frontside, the value of exit interviews, and more.

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    33: Immutability

    This week, Charles, Lydia and Alex go on a deep dive into immutability and the importance of literate programming.

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    32: Working Remotely with Allison McMillan

    Allison McMillan (from General Assembly) joins us this week to talk about working remotely.

    She shares great tips for finding your first remote development job, how to be a more effective remote employee, how to overcome the fear of asking questions, why working remotely might not be right for everyone, and more.

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