The Frontside Podcast

The Frontside Podcast

It's like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.

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    106: Microstates

    In part I of The Frontside's microstates series, Charles Lowell, Taras Mankovski, and David Keathley talk about state management that’s easy and fun and transactionality.

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    105: Automating GitHub with Probot

    In this episode, the panelists talk about automating GitHub with Probot. The origins of Probot are discussed, as well as making GitHub apps with the GitHub API, automating workflows with Probot, must-have Probots for every repo, and GitHub’s V4 GraphQL API.

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    103: React Components with Michael Jackson

    In this episode, Michael Jackson of React Training and Rob DeLuca and Taras Mankovski of The Frontside talk about what is a component, and what a component is specifically in the context of React.

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    102: FOLIO with Harry Kaplanian

    In this episode, Harry Kaplanian of EBSCO joins the show to talk about the FOLIO project: a community collaboration to develop an open source Library Services Platform designed for innovation.

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    101: Fullstack / Backend / Frontend: What’s the Difference?

    In this episode of The Frontside Podcast, panelists Charles Lowell, Rob DeLuca, and Sam Keathley, discuss how much the distinction between frontend, backend, and fullstack developers matter in both personal and professional senses.

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    099: Funcadelic with Taras Mankovski

    In this episode, Taras and Charles talk about a project that they work on together: Funcadelic - a Functional Programming and Category Theory for Everyday JavaScript Development.

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