The Frontside Podcast

The Frontside Podcast

It's like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.

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    114: The Business Case for Experimentation with Elm with Dillon Kearns

    In this episode, Dillon Kearns joins the show to talk about techniques for experimentation with Elm, making those experiments safe, the concept of mob programming, why you would want to experiment with Elm in the first place, and how you too can begin to experiment with Elm.

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    112: Language Formation with Amanda Hickman and Amberley Romo

    In this episode, Amanda Hickman and Amberley Romo talk about how they paired up to get the safety pin, spool of thread, and the knitting yarn and needles emojis approved by the Unicode Committee so that now they are available for use worldwide.

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    111: Accessibility in Single Page Applications

    In this episode, Robert, Charles, and Wil talk about the whys and hows of accessibility, as well as what makes single page applications special, why they are they harder for accessibility, and frameworks that can do this for you.

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    110: Mentorship 3.0 with Saron Yitbarek

    In this episode, Charles and Sam talk to Saron Yitbarek about her idea of mentorship, ideas for distributed learning for businesses to promote individual and company growth, and why it's important to take "digital sabbaths" on the regular.

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    109: What Do You Need in a JavaScript Framework?

    In this episode, former Fronsiders, Brandon Hays and Chris Freeman join Charles and Taras to talk about the difference between a framework and a library, whether or not React + Redux a framework in itself, red flags to signal that you’re actually building a framework, attributes of a good framework, how can you tell if you created a bad framework, and how you can make a bad framework better.

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    108: Running an Online-Only, Free Conference on Twitch with Kristian Freeman

    In this episode, Kristian Freeman tells us about ByteConf: why he decided to start the conference, unique challenges of putting an online conference together, what he expects in terms of viewership and his hope for sponsors, and supporting speakers who haven’t recorded videos or maybe haven't ever even given a talk before.

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    106: Microstates

    In part I of The Frontside's microstates series, Charles Lowell, Taras Mankovski, and David Keathley talk about state management that’s easy and fun and transactionality.

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    105: Automating GitHub with Probot

    In this episode, the panelists talk about automating GitHub with Probot. The origins of Probot are discussed, as well as making GitHub apps with the GitHub API, automating workflows with Probot, must-have Probots for every repo, and GitHub’s V4 GraphQL API.

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    103: React Components with Michael Jackson

    In this episode, Michael Jackson of React Training and Rob DeLuca and Taras Mankovski of The Frontside talk about what is a component, and what a component is specifically in the context of React.

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    102: FOLIO with Harry Kaplanian

    In this episode, Harry Kaplanian of EBSCO joins the show to talk about the FOLIO project: a community collaboration to develop an open source Library Services Platform designed for innovation.

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    101: Fullstack / Backend / Frontend: What’s the Difference?

    In this episode of The Frontside Podcast, panelists Charles Lowell, Rob DeLuca, and Sam Keathley, discuss how much the distinction between frontend, backend, and fullstack developers matter in both personal and professional senses.

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    099: Funcadelic with Taras Mankovski

    In this episode, Taras and Charles talk about a project that they work on together: Funcadelic - a Functional Programming and Category Theory for Everyday JavaScript Development.

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    086: Routing in Ember with Alex Matchneer

    Charles and Alex Matchneer have a great discussion that centers around routing in Ember.js: what they want to see in a router, what problems it solves, what’s wrong with the routing solutions we currently have, and what the ideal future looks like in respect to routing.

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    085: WebAssembly with Jay Phelps

    We loved having Jay Phelps on the show so much last week, we invited him back this week to talk about WebAssembly!

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    082: Peeple with Chris Chuter

    In this episode, we talk to Chris Chuter, Creator and CEO of Peeple: an elegant, compact, and easy-to-use caller ID device for your front door.

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    081: Knocki with John Boyd

    We continue our Internet of Things discussions with CTO of Knocki, John Boyd!

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    078: Kasita with Jeff Wilson and Jason Jaynes

    In this episode we talk to Jeff Wilson and Jayson Jaynes of Kasita about building their team and creating the design, integrating devices, and building ecosystems.

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    077: The Internet of Things Cometh

    In this episode, we talk about IoT: what’s coming, why we’re intrigued, and how we’ve already started it incorporating it in our office. In the next episodes to come, we will be having guests on the show to take a deeper dive into this technology.

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    063: Growing New Developers with Saron Yitbarek

    In this episode, Saron Yitbarek joins us to talk about the CodeNewbie Community, the upcoming Codeland Conference in New York City, and helping junior developers move up in the programming world.

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    062: UI for U and I

    It's all about UI today: what it is, when it stops, tooling, and how it applies to us here at The Frontside.

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    059: Build Useless Stuff

    A Frontsider's-only episode on why it's good to build useless stuff for creativity, accomplishment, and learning purposes.

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    057: Demystifying Software with Liz Baillie

    In this episode, we talk to Liz Baillie, of Tilde Inc., about demystifying software: understanding programming, coming to peace with ignorance, math and programming, and getting involved in Open Source.

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    053: Glimmer 2 with Godfrey Chan

    In this episode, we talk to Godfrey Chan about Glimmer 2: the challenges faced and what it will bring in the future.

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    050: Learning to Program with Kyle Simpson

    Kyle Simpson, the author of the You Don't Know JS book series, talks about education and learning and teaching programming to new developers.

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    048: Farewell, Brandon

    We say goodbye to our friend and co-host of The Frontside Podcast, Brandon Hays.

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    045: The New Theory of Teams with Sarah Mei

    In this episode, Sarah Mei, founder of RailsBridge, Director of Ruby Central, and Chief Consultant of DevMynd Software, talks about the way we write software: What’s right? What’s wrong? How can we do better?

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    044: Women in Tech and SheNomads with LaToya Allen

    In this episode, LaToya Allen, developer at Big Cartel and founder of SheNomads talks about apprenticeship and mentoring, finding community while working remotely, how companies can be more inclusive for hiring women and people of diverse backgrounds in technology, and avoiding burnout and maintaining balance.

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    043: Growing Communities and Businesses with Leah Silber

    In this episode, Leah Silber, CEO of Tilde, Inc. and Ember.js core team member talks about what she's learned building communities, organizing events, and running a business. We talk about how people can move from "observer" to "participant" and grow their own healthy communities and companies.

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    042: Apprenticeship in Real Life with Taras Mankovski and Lennex Zinyando

    In this episode we cover how to handle apprenticeship, share with listeners how they can start participating in mentoring and apprenticeship in their companies and communities, and help them to understand the impact apprenticeship and mentoring can have on everybody involved.

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    041: The Technical Skills of a Senior Dev

    Recently, there was a flurry of activity around one of Brandon's posts about defining the term "senior developer". But he left the purely technical aspects of the role for later discussion, which left a lot of lingering questions.

    In this episode, Charles and Brandon dive into the technical side of identifying, hiring, and growing senior developers, and explain The Frontside's somewhat unconventional standards.

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    040: How We're Refactoring Our Business

    After a "perfect storm" of events rocked The Frontside, Charles and Brandon were faced with the prospect of what kind of future they saw, if any, for the business.

    In this episode, Brandon and Charles discuss what happened and why, what they are doing to avoid another "perfect storm", and how finding mentors and friends at OpsConf completely changed how they think about running The Frontside.

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    039: How to Integrate Jr. Developers Into Your Company

    There's a huge shortage of senior developers, and one (often overlooked) way to fill those positions is by training up some junior developers. But how do you mentor junior devs when you have so much work to do? How can you make sure that your new hires get the support they need?

    This week, Charles Lowell is joined by Stephanie Riera, Lydia Guarino, and Alex Ford to talk about the challenges companies face when hiring junior devs, what steps you can take to make sure the on-boarding and training process goes smoothly, and how keep new developers productive and frustration-free.

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    037: Ember CLI Mirage with Sam Selikoff

    This week, we talk with Sam Selikoff, the mastermind behind Ember CLI Mirage.

    He shares how he got started with programming, some tips for avoiding burnout, why he created CLI Mirage, some tips for using it, why it's important to write great documentation, and more.

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    036: Composable UI with Trek Glowacki

    This week we have Trek Glowacki (@trek) back to talk about the challenges of choosing frameworks, building reusable components, and why “thought leader driven development” (TLDD) might actually be the right way to go.

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    035: How We Hire

    Brandon and Charles discuss their slightly unusual approach to hiring, why they focus on creating success for their candidates, the hidden value of mentoring, the vision that led them to start The Frontside, the value of exit interviews, and more.

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    033: Immutability

    This week, Charles, Lydia and Alex go on a deep dive into immutability and the importance of literate programming.

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    032: Working Remotely with Allison McMillan

    Allison McMillan (from General Assembly) joins us this week to talk about working remotely.

    She shares great tips for finding your first remote development job, how to be a more effective remote employee, how to overcome the fear of asking questions, why working remotely might not be right for everyone, and more.

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    030: Building Great Communities with Jamie White

    Jamie White joins us this week to talk about how to prepare for your conference talk, organizing meetups, tips for starting conversations with strangers at meetups, how to design a community, and more.

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    029: Ember & "Big OSS" with Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson works at Aptible and is a member of the Ember core team. In this episode, we discuss how he got into Ember, his past experience with running a business, how he manages his OSS workflow at Ember's scale, working remotely, work/life balance, and more.

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    028: Open Source, UX, and Ember with Trek Glowacki

    We're joined this week by special guest Trek Glowacki. Trek is a member of the Ember core team and maintains Pretender.js. We discuss how Trek got started with programming, Ember (of course), getting pigeonholed, how to get started contributing to open source projects, the curse of knowledge, and more.

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    027: Communication at Work

    This week, Brandon and Charles sit down to talk about communication at work, the importance of being honest with your employees even when it's painful, how to build trust in work relationships, why checking in with employees regularly has become a core value at Frontside, and more.

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    026: What is a Senior Developer?

    What separates a senior developer from a junior developer?

    With Charles back from sunny Finland, the guys are back to podcasting! This week, they're talking about what makes someone a senior developer, when stop thinking like a developer, and why some problems require a different skillset and mindset.

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    025: Getting to Ember 2.0 with Matthew Beale

    This week we're joined by Matthew Beale to talk about Ember 2.0 and more.

    Matthew shares his path to programming and getting involved with Ember, why the core team is focusing on making Ember 2.0 future friendly, Glimmer, add-on authors, how to prep for the switch to 2.0, and more.

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    024: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

    This week, Brandon and Charles discuss feeling like a phony (imposter syndrome), and why “get over it” is not an appropriate response to the problem.

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    023: Ember Islands with Mitch Lloyd

    We're joined this week by Mitch Lloyd to talk about Ember Islands, the difficulties of making great training materials and screencasts, and more.

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    022: Deploy to the Future with Luke Melia

    Charles, Brandon and Stanley are joined by Luke Melia to discuss being early adopters of Ember, uniting the "five families" to create Ember CLI Deploy, and growing the Ember community.

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    021: Best of EmberConf 2015 (part 2)

    Charles, Brandon and Stanley wrap up part two of their discussion about their favorite talks and technologies from EmberConf 2015. Stanley sings a Staind song, and proposes to the entire internet.

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    020: Best of EmberConf 2015 (part 1)

    Charles and Brandon share their weekend foodie experiences, then discuss attending EmberConf 2015, the standout talks, and what they learned.

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    019: Origin Stories with Tom Dale and Alex Matchneer

    This week, Charles, Brandon and Stanley were joined by Tom Dale and Alex Matchneer.

    They took a trip in the way-back machine to discuss how they got started in programming and web development.

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    018: Back-End Devs and Bridging the Stack with Toran Billups

    Toran Billups joins us for this week's Frontside podcast.

    We had a great conversation about test driven development, code rot, the challenges of bringing back-end programmers into front end testing, why Toran loves pair programming, and more.

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    017: Hiring Junior Developers: The Ukelele Method

    This week, Charles shares an experience he had at a group Ukulele lesson with his son, and applies the lessons he learned there towards hiring and creating roles to utilize junior level talent in software development.

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    016: Ember 2.0 and the Indie Web with Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale

    Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale join us to talk about the road to Ember 2.0 and "Fast Boot". They share insight about why they stick to a 6 week release cycle, and why they think JS frameworks might be the future of all web apps (especially content sites). We also chat about what "indie open source" means, and exactly how much design goes into the Ember project and community.

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    015: DOMStep with Jamison Dance

    Jamison Dance joins Brandon and Stanley to talk about how to make music with your browser, hosting JS Jabber, and the direction of the JavaScript community.

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    014: Literally everything we learned in 2014

    Charles and Brandon reflect on the lessons from software consulting over the past year. No subject is safe: Work culture, money, bad decisions, and how fear really is the mind-killer.

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    013: Ember-Metal, HTMLbars, and the death of script tags

    Stanley Stuart hosts a Canadian edition with Ember contributors mixonic (Matthew Beale) and mmun (Martin Muñoz). They talk about what’s up with Ember 1.8, Handlebars, HTMLbars, Metal Views, the differences between them, and why you won’t see script tags in Ember markup anymore.

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    011: Hype Cycles and Reprogramming Your Brain

    Michael Coté joins in a quasi-Drunk and Retired reunion to talk about Gartner's Hype Cycle, how it affects developers, and how they can actually benefit from understanding it.

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    010: Reactive Modeling with Ember

    Today, it’s Frontside’s 10th podcast! We dive further into Charles's blog post about Reactive Modeling as a new way of thinking about building front-end web applications, and a quick robot update.

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    008: The Brandon Hays Advice Dispensary

    This week, Brandon and Charles discuss how to become indispensable to your business, why writing less code is better in the long run, and more.

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    007: The Ember Router (with Alex Matchneer)

    This week the Frontside nerds are joined by "Mr. Router" himself, Alex Matchneer. We discuss the benefits & pain of routing in client-side applications, using the Ember router without Ember, how Alex got into working on Ember core, and some OSS projects to keep an eye on.

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    006: Myth of the Lone Genius Programmer

    This week Brandon and Charles discuss Brandon's perhaps-controversial appearance on JS Jabber, the dangers of being a solitary genius (the Good Will Hunting myth), and why you aren't a special snowflake (the Luke Skywalker myth).

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    005: Backbone, Ember, and the "build your own Voltron" bias

    We're back!

    After a brief, unexplainable disappearance, Brian and Charles have retuned to discuss their talks at RailsConf 2014, designing models, why writing a framework sucks, the library-author bias, and more.

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    004: EmberConf Recap

    The least timely wrap-up ever, Brandon and Charles talk about what struck them at EmberConf.

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    003: Refactoring toward Ember

    Charles and Brandon discuss how they refactor existing apps toward Ember without a big-bang rewrite.

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    002: Devil's Advocate

    Client-side apps are great, but they're not perfect for every situation. Charles and Brandon discuss times single-page apps might not make sense. Also, they discuss how Jim Weirich affected their lives.

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    001: Hit me baby one more time

    Charles and Brandon argue about what to name the podcast. They talk about how "one more feature"-itis sinks many projects and startups, and patterns they've used to avoid it.

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